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[AD] ZhyperMU | Full Season 4 |Socket System | Castle Siege|

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Joined: Mar 16, 2010
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(Msg. 1) Posted: Tue Mar 16, 2010 3:26 pm
Post subject: [AD] ZhyperMU | Full Season 4 |Socket System | Castle Siege|

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Image URL: http://www.alwadiegroup.com/banner/zbanner2.gif

Website: http://zhypermu.com/

Forum: http://muonline.biz/zhyper/

Downloads: http://zhypermu.com/ZhyperMU-Downloads.html

Server Info:

Server Exp: 5000x
Server Drop: 80%
Exe Drop Rate: 1/200
Soul Rate +L : 90%
Soul Rate N: 75%
CM Rate: Normal

Season 4 Info:

New Sets for all character class
New Weapons for all character class
New Skills for all character class
New Maps, New Mobs
New Events
Castle Siege
New Options

Season 3 Episode 2 Info:

New Character Summoner
New Sets, Weapons, Skills
New Maps and Mobs
New Game Interface
Event Temple of Illusion
Fully Functional Quest (Quarrel Quest Wink )

Season 3 Episode 1 Info:

All New 5 Character Class
3rd Class Wings
New Maps and Mobs
CM Combinations

Season 2 Info:

Basic Season 2 Functions
Kanturu Event
etcc etc...

Season 1 Info:

Basic Season 1 Functions

PS: All Original WZ Items, No Funny Skins

Thank You

 >> Stay informed about: [AD] ZhyperMU | Full Season 4 |Socket System | Castle Siege| 
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